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Next up: I have founded New Ireland TV. A new TV station for a new Ireland. New Ireland TV is available FREE worldwide on Roku and Amazon Fire TV stick. No additional signup required, simply download from the channel store and enjoy!

Film: Two Pints [2017]

Journaling the Month: October 2017

The London Cinema Museum faces closure, please help save it

Past Work: The Conversation [2011]

Harvey Weinstein and the silent men.

Journaling the Month: September 2017

The Fallacy of Britpop's 'Big Four' Revisionism.

Journaling the Month: August 2017

The lead single: can it sink an anticipated album before it's even dropped?

Journaling the month: July 2017

Moving to LA for Pilot Season - the actor's Mecca

From Youtube: James McAnespy 2017 Showreel (short edit)

Theatre is no longer the writer's medium

Arcade Fire and the subdued reception in Belfast: A study in the radio-industrial complex.

Finding pieces of yourself everywhere!

YouTube: James McAnespy showreel 2017 (long edit)

How to Find Good Actors, or The Pitfalls of the Novice Filmmaker.

The Odd Couple (2012): One of 20th Century Theatre's enduring crowd-pleasers.

YouTube: Romancing the Score - Brian's father

YouTube: Romancing the Score - traditional pubs monologue by James McAnespy

None of That: A Black Books podcast. Coming soon

Ecumenical Matters - The Father Ted Podcast review: Part 2

Los Campesinos are the most important guitar band of the year!

Great screen acting performances in American Film (Male Leads)

Arthur Miller's Incident at Vichy (2010-11): The American Great Tackles Europe's Nadir

Black Sails is the best show you aren't watching!

Playboy of the Western World, a play for the 21st century.

On set: Run Rabbit Run

Chris Baugh's debut feature A Bad Day for the Cut to close the Belfast Film Festival

Ecumenical Matters: Bonus X-over episode with Media MD

Past Work: Age by Dominic Curran (2016)

VIDEO: Advertisement for BCSP

VIDEO: First rehearsal trailer for Playboy of the Western World

Ecumenical Matters podcast review: Part 1

Casting announcement: Christy Mahon in Playboy of the Western World

On Set: Photos from advertisement shoot with Creativ3


Past Collaborators: Michael Keane

Past Work: Tea [2004]

New Short Film: For a Future [2017]

Tribute to Patrick Sanders

New short film: Chairs [2017]

Past Work: Romancing the Score at the Pentameters Theatre Hampstead (2015)

New footage found of C.L.G. (Cúmann Luthchleas Gael) from 2014!