Ecumenical Matters: Bonus X-over episode with Media MD

In the last few weeks, since I finished the wrap up episode of Ecumenical Matters, I have been doing a crossover episode with MediaMD, and Australian podcast. They have just put the episode up online, and I did a quick intro for them on my side. 

[audio mp3=""][/audio]

It's a really good idea for a podcast, where they each take turns to suggest a TV show, book, film etc to each other and meet up again two weeks later to discuss what they though about it. They invited me on to introduce them to Father Ted, and I hope I did our favourite money-rester justice.

Unfortunately I couldn't schedule in two trips to Australia to record with them, but I Skyped in and had my mic running at my side. Due to stupid earth rotation, though, it meant I had to be up at stupid o'clock in the morning to record it! Thankfully Reuben edited out the parts where that was obvious!

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