Film: Two Pints [2017]

This is a short film I made in December last year, but have just discovered the full film is on Youtube, Two Pints.

It's based on Roddy Doyle's stream of conscious Facebook posts, where he would imagine two bar hounds discussing the day's news events. Adapted for the screen by Grainne Grant, who really captured the natural ebb and flow of a pub conversation in her writing. Produced by Cherith Montgomery and directed by Andrew Cameron, the piece formed a large part of their work for their degree show at Belfast Met. Alongside Robert Wilson and Michael Smyth, I think we got the Dublin atmosphere down well.

A little peak behind the production curtain, we were actually bridging major cultural gaps by transposing a Dublin pub to the deepest part of Loyalist East Belfast. If you keep an eagle-eye on the screen behind Robert in scene 2, you might catch a large UVF insignia that was too big to cover! This scarred city will always grant you a story to tell.

My Dublin accent spiked a bit on a couple of words ("It doesn't get any better") - so I'll need to be aware of that in the future, and I could have possibly brought a little more energy, particularly to my entrance, but that's a subjective choice.

Anyway, enjoy it as your drinking up for Christmas!