Moving to LA for Pilot Season - the actor's Mecca

š¯•»ilot season is the early months of the year, when a lot of production companies in Hollywood are creating new TV shows in the hope that they'll be picked up by a broadcaster for long term production. These pilots are the first episodes of shows like sitcoms, dramas and new reality shows.

What it means for an actor is that there is a plethora of potential castings happening, with the added bonus of the chance to be the lead in a hit TV show - leading to a few years of solid work.

Of course, this means that it is incredibly competitive, with seasoned actors and raw drama school graduates all in the market at the top of their game, trying to land those coveted parts. Hollywood can be cutthroat at the best of times, so when you add the feeding frenzy of Pilot Season in to the mix, it may get very testy!

I've decided I need to plan further ahead in my career than simply the next pay check, so I am announcing here my plan to move to Los Angeles for Pilot Season in February 2019, with the intention of having announced it publicly, I'll be more invested in seeing it through!

This means I'll be planning to upskill significantly, raise my profile drastically, and get through more paperwork than I could normally stomach. So it's going to be a long and distant road. I've downloaded an app (there's always an app!) called LifeRPG, which 'gamifies' you goals and targets, so that you can track your progress and assign yourself rewards for achievements. I'm just getting to grips with it, and it's hard assigning tasks, and then putting them on a timeline, and it requires some self discipline, in that you have to log in to the app and maintain it.

Achievements that I've put in are things like learning archery, weekly phone calls to employers, getting immigration papers sorted out, saving money and hitting various milestones like Facebook Likes.
I'll be keeping this blog updated with updates and achievements, advice on moving to LA for pilot season, and any news or gossip I get pertaining to Pilot Season 2016, so stay tuned - the easiest way to do that is to Like my page on Facebook, or subscribe to this blog's feed.