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Next up: I will be featuring in the short films Dark & Stormy and Belfast Caliber 9.

14 Mar 2017

Chris Baugh's debut feature A Bad Day for the Cut to close the Belfast Film Festival

Great news for Chris Baugh that his feature-length directorial debut, A Bad Day for the Cut is the closing show at the upcoming Belfast Film Festival. He's just posted this up on Instagram, with the
slates from Bad Day... and his debut short Crashing the Wake sitting side by side, nice bookends for the first stage of his directing career, which will no doubt continue to go from strength to strength.

Chris has been a big inspiration for me personally, given that we are both from CBS Omagh and it was working on the set of Crashing the Wake that inspired me to embark on this journey. He was making his graduation film in Omagh, even though he was studying in Farnham, England, so I jumped at the chance to help out. When I saw the creativity, energy and positivity that takes place on a film set, I knew I wanted to make that my living, so I enrolled in Farnham as well!

I can't wait to see the film, and hopefully get a chance to chat to Chris at the festival. you can get tickets here.

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