None of That: A Black Books podcast. Coming soon

So, given that I've burned through every episode of Father Ted and reviewed them on podcast, I need to turn to another podcast subject - what better than Black Books? Graham Linehan's next sitcom following Ted. He and Arthur Mathews had created Big Train in the mean time, for my money the funniest sketch show there's been, which introduced Simon Pegg's to the world.

I had played with the idea of doing a Big Train pod, but a sketch show is a difficult medium to discuss on an audio platform. The idea's not dead completely, but it's difficult to imagine someone searching for a sketch show podcast.

So, I've went with None of That: A Black Books podcast, which will follow similar lines as Ecumenical Matters - a roundtable discussion with new guests each week, and allowing the conversation to tangent into other cultural discussions.

I am gearing up for launch soon, so keep your eyes peeled on Twitter (@BlackBooksPod) and the new website ( If you want to be well ahead of the curve and have the episodes downloaded to your device AS SOON AS THEY DROP (check you, like some Beyoncé album), manually copy this address into your podcast app.