Current Projects

Next up: I have founded New Ireland TV. A new TV station for a new Ireland. New Ireland TV is available FREE worldwide on Roku and Amazon Fire TV stick. No additional signup required, simply download from the channel store and enjoy!


Playboy of the Western World (2017)

Romancing the Score (2015)

"The lead, Brian (an engaging performance by James McAnespy), is struggling to deal with the deterioration of his father."
The Camden Review on Romancing the Score 

C.L.G./Sitting Up for Michael (2014)

"McAnespy, who acts in both, has two great pieces of drama here and they have been well received in Ireland."
The Irish World on C.L.G./Sitting Up for Michael double bill

Incident at Vichy (2010)

"I would like to particularly commend...James McAnespy as the artist Lebeau... these were the stand-out performances."
The Virtual Methodist Blog on Incident at Vichy

"The character Lebeau, whose lines galvanize much of both the banter and the anguished personal searching that takes place amongst the other characters, is portrayed convincingly by James McAnespy, a young man of 25 who clearly has much future potential in acting."
Thomas L Muinzer on Incident at Vichy, The Vacuum Magazine 14th March 2011