Next Up

Next up: I will be featuring in the short films Dark & Stormy and Belfast Caliber 9.

30 May 2017

Finding pieces of yourself everywhere!

Just a quick entry about the fact that I was researching one of the locations for None Of That podcast, and came across this blog by an Italian writer.

25 May 2017

YouTube: James McAnespy showreel 2017 (long edit)

Showreel of actor James McAnespy. Clips from Two Pints, Jackalope, Rent A Life, Éalú
James McAnespy showreel 2017 (long edit)

How to Find Good Actors, or The Pitfalls of the Novice Filmmaker.

𝕴 recently attended a film audition by an enthusiastic, but largely clueless pair of filmmakers. They had a good set of equipment, and a reasonably decent by-the-numbers concept for a genre horror/thriller. But I fear their film is doomed to be a laughing stock, because they clearly do not know how to identify, or audition, good actors.

15 May 2017

The Odd Couple (2012): One of 20th Century Theatre's enduring crowd-pleasers.

𝕺ne of the more successful productions I was involved in, as far as consistently high bums to seats ratio was The Odd Couple in 2012. It was directed by Mary Lindsay, who I had worked with previously during the rehearsed reading for Sitting Up for Michael. She was so perfect in the role of Doris, it tore me up that she was about twenty years too young for the part when it came to staging. 

10 May 2017

7 May 2017

None of That: A Black Books podcast. Coming soon

So, given that I've burned through every episode of Father Ted and reviewed them on podcast, I need to turn to another podcast subject - what better than Black Books? Graham Linehan's next sitcom following Ted. He and Arthur Mathews had created Big Train in the mean time, for my money the funniest sketch show there's been, which introduced Simon Pegg's to the world.