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Next up: I will be launching None of That: A Black Books Podcast

12 Oct 2017

Journaling the Month: September 2017

A pretty quiet month all told - mostly promo work, this time in Dublin's RDS as well as gigs in Belfast. A couple of low key auditions, which need to start materialising into roles - it's the one that you get that gets the next one, which is the worst part of being off the radar. I had a number of meetings regarding a Christmas job, which should be good. It's one of the quirks of #actorslife that you need to have your Christmas work nailed down by the end of September (although, ideally, you'd have it done by February).

Entertainment Wise

  • Busted out the Xbox 360, and have been playing Arkham Asylum (1 and 3). They are fantastic games, with the first one featuring brilliant voice acting from Mark Hamill as the Joker. His performance is considered one of the great Joker performances by Batman fans, dating all the way back to the Animated Series, which was my favourite cartoon as a child (along with Animaniacs). Paul Dini, who wrote the Animated Series, also wrote the games, which was a masterstroke by Rocksteady, because their game design, particularly the combat engine is unmatched. They knew they had a great mechanic,  so they married it to one of the most beloved proporties in pop culture. That is great ambition.
  • Derm McGuigan (Pasticheofskin), a good friend of mine, and frequent collaborator, has been caught up in YouTube's #Adpocalypse. On his channel, that I've appeared on a number of times, he reviews games and game trailers with commentary on top of the footage, contributing to the game's/movie's PR campaign by attracting attention to the release.
  • However, automated copyright strikes are being unleashed across the site, and demonetising his content, meaning he's doing the work, and the publishing companies are siphoning the revenue off him. YouTube started all this when companies realised they were appearing before terrorist videos, snuff footage and other undesirable content they don't want their brand associated with. Of course, YouTube (like Twitter) reacted immediately to corporate concerns, but doesn't give two quivering fucks about it's users or even it's content creators, the ones bringing eyeballs to the site (see Jim Sterling's pretty brutal breakdown of this).

3 Jul 2016

Ecumenical Matters - The Father Ted Podcast

Father Ted is one of the most iconic shows in Irish TV history, or as James McAnespy put it while hosting the latest episode of Ecumenical Matters - The Father Ted Podcast, it is now an artefact of Irish culture.

In the weekly podcast, released every Sunday (just in time for Mass), James gathers a new guest or two from Northern Ireland's rich arts scene to do a full run down of each episode of the legendary show. Previous guests have been poet Colin Hassard (find his work here), games streamer Vincent Kettle (@flimosh on, vlogger Derm McGuigan (Youtube channel), improv artist Marcus Keeley (@MarcusKeeley) and many more.

There are nine episodes available, with more to follow each week, so check out the full set on SoundCloud, or subscribe on iTunes, Stitcher, aCast, PodcastAddict or your favourite podcast platform.

In Episode 9 - Tentacles of Doom, London Comedy Writers members Olly Allsop (Soundcloud and Jordan Birch (@JordanBirch  attend the upgrading of the Holy Stone of Clonrickert to a Class 2 Relic. Hosting three bishops on the island is going to be the highlight of Mrs Doyle's career, but unfortunately she's lost her contact lenses. Dougal philosophises on the nature of Heaven and Hell and all that, while Ted has to bring Jack through a few elocution lessons ("Th-th-th-that...").
We also share our own Gary Lineker Ghost Stories, the mechanics of Buckaroo (The Sport of Kings), and Dougal's Bjork obsession. It's a Priest thing, you wouldn't understand.