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Next up: I will be featuring in the short films Dark & Stormy and Belfast Caliber 9.

4 Apr 2014

Why, as an actor, I will never put my name or face to a gambling company.

As an actor, sometimes you have to take a gig that doesn't quite reach the glamour of the Oscar nominated performance you have been dreaming about, but it pays and it means you can have a drink at the end of the month without worrying where the heating money comes from.
It's usually a corporate gig, or maybe a advertising stint for a junk food company, or worse, musical theatre!

Every so often though there are some jobs that are just too stomach-churning to be anathema to the very fibre of your being, and it is accepting these jobs that would be my only definition of 'selling out' - not just your professional credibility, but your very soul. And this is why I instructed my agent not to put me forward for gambling ads, or cash-for-gold etc companies.

I remember in my lifetime, gambling outlets looked seedier than porn shops. Now it's so mainstream, it's actually difficult to look down a street without seeing a betting shop.