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Next up: I will be featuring in the short films Dark & Stormy and Belfast Caliber 9.

1 Aug 2017

Journaling the month: July 2017

𝕴n order to keep myself motivated going forward, I'm going to try to journal every month, with some of the things that I have accomplished. It'll be corny, and of little value to a lot of people, but hopefully it'll help me take stock of things. Also, it's on my LifeRPG app as a monthly goal, as is blogging once a week, so I may as well kill two birds (that's a very violent idiom, by the way... isn't there a bowling term or something, that could be used instead?).

So I publicly made an announcement that I intend to move to LA for pilot season 2019. Doing it publicly means that I am now beholden to expectation, rather than just relying on an internal energy to keep me focused. No doubt there'll be a setback or several along the way (likely due to finances), but I'll be more inclined to deal with them, rather than get defeated by them.

I have also signed with a new agent - in fact I am now represented by two agencies. In Northern Ireland, I am being put forward for roles by Nova Artists, a new agency, and in the south, I'm repped by National Talent Agency, which has been taken over in the last few weeks. Securing representation is ridiculously hard for a actors, and given the situation in Belfast, where previously there were only three active agents (one of whom has been disbanded last week), it is even more so. This should be the kick start my career has needed for the last number of months.

Along with a couple of auditions (I'll have the details revealed if I secure the parts), a few promo jobs on the breathtaking Causeway Coast, and working at graduation events across the province, I've been keeping myself busy.

Entertainment wise 

  • I've been playing Assassin's Creed Syndicate (set in Victorian London). I'm mostly interested in the history depicted in the games at this stage, rather than the gameplay, especially since every Ubisoft game is just a clone of each other at this point.
  • Went to see Dunkirk. Christopher Nolan is one of the all time greats, and this is a technical masterpiece. I don't think it should be considered *his* masterpiece though. That line of thinking is protruding from an inherent snobbishness within art criticism against genre filmmaking that dictates just because he set his latest picture in a wartime environment, rather than a science fiction one it is unequivocally better. I truly believe he has more greatness to achieve.
  • Arcade Fire's new album is out, and I have to say the overwhelming negative reviews are wholly unmerited. The biggest take away I'm getting from people who don't like it is that they want Funeral again, their debut album from thirteen years ago. It's possible that maybe they aren't in the same headspace as they were thirteen years ago. And there's lot of snark from people, who might just be suffering from having Everything Now!
  • I've also bought James Yuill's new album, which is currently in transit (yeah, I'm trying to build up CDs again). If it's good enough I'll write about it here.
  • And the Gaelic football season has been an odd one. A lot of hugely one-sided fixtures, but Tyrone are still in there, facing Armagh in the All-Ireland Quarter Final, which might prove trickier than it should be.

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