Past Work: The Conversation [2011]

I just unearthed this from the archives over on Vimeo: The Conversation. It was made for the competition Dare 2B Drink Aware, an initiative by, which I made with students from the Institute of Technology Tallaght (not Tallaght Institute of Technology, which would be TIT, since as we all know, that stands for Trotter's Independent Trading).

The Conversation from Sinead Mc Donald on Vimeo.

Directed by Sinead McDonald, it was based on a story that gained traction i the Irish media, of a young Irish man in Australia who had got caught up in a fight in a takeaway, and punched his aggressor once, killing him instantly.

It was the first time I had used green screen, and it was put to innovative use -  the character facing off with his own conscious as he deals with his guilt of the incident.

The film was awarded a Judges Prize at the competition, which was adjudicated by RTÉ's John Kelly, and I've been using it ever since as an audition monologue. Check it out above.