Current Projects

Next up: I have founded New Ireland TV. A new TV station for a new Ireland. New Ireland TV is available FREE worldwide on Roku and Amazon Fire TV stick. No additional signup required, simply download from the channel store and enjoy!

Chatting Pictures - Darby O Gill behind the Scenes trailer

Rearranging my online geography - new links!

Father Ted Podcast S2E5 A Song For Europe

Father Ted Podcast S2E4 The Old Grey Whistle Theft

Father Ted S2 E3 Tentacles of Doom

Interview: The Phoenix Remix on My Experiences as a Father Ted podcast host

None of That: A Black Books podcast. Coming soon

Ecumenical Matters - The Father Ted Podcast review: Part 2

Ecumenical Matters: Bonus X-over episode with Media MD

Ecumenical Matters podcast review: Part 1

Ecumenical Matters: Episode 25 - A Christmassy Ted

Episode 24 - Going To America

Episode 23 - Night of the Nearly Dead

Episode 22 (LIVE!) - Kicking Bishop Brennan Up the Arse

Episode 21 - Escape From Victory

Episode 20 - The Mainland

Episode 19 - Speed 3

Episode 18 - Chirpy Burpy Cheap Sheep

Episode 17 - Are You Right There, Father Ted

Episode 16 - Flight Into Terror