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Next up: I will be featuring in the short films Dark & Stormy and Belfast Caliber 9.

10 Nov 2010

Filming in Belfast with Queen's University students

Today I was filming for Queen's University students in Belfast city centre. It's a project I got into late, having only received the script on Monday, but we got through the first of two days filming today.

Produced by Shauna Coyles, the film, as yet untitled, was written and directed by Declan Murray, with DP duties being handled by James Ward, sound by Conall McMeekin and editing by Kerri Kelly.

We were shooting in Queen Street Studios, in the offices of Triplevision Productions, with the owner, Eamonn Devlin, doubling as actor in the project.

There is another day of shooting tomorrow, and the completion date is set for December 15th, so I should be able put some footage on the site then.

6 Aug 2010

Trailer for Lord of the Rings prequel Hope released

Today the trailer for Ben Mudge's Lord of the Rings prequel, Hope, has been released, to much salivating from a baying public, no doubt. Or myself at least, since this has been a project I was incredibly impressed by.

Ben's ambition has been bold, considering he had such a limited budget, but I think the results really speak for themselves.

Helping out in post production were Jonny Walker, editing, and Chris McCann providing the emphatic score.

My congratulations go out to all involved, and I can't wait to see the full length picture doing the festival circuit.

22 Jun 2010

Screening of Number 35 at QFT

Deborah McCartney informed me yesterday that the film Number 35 (title subject to change) is to be screened in the QFT on Wednesday.

This is a film I have been really looking forward to seeing, based on a family's coping with a bereavement, while also sorting out the intricacies of bequeathments.

The film was directed by Cliodhna O'Halloran, and written by Shauna Mohan, who I expect will be in attendance.

Incidentally, the completion of this project means that I only have to wait for the full length edit of Hope to complete my current show reel. I will be posting it as soon as I have it completed.

30 May 2010

Extra on Christopher and His Kind

Today I had my second day on set on the Mammoth Productions TV film of Christopher Isherwood's memoir Christopher and his Kind. It is a BBC production, with a big budget, and Matt Smith (the new Doctor Who) as Isherwood, and is directed by Geoff Sax.

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="243" caption="Matt Smith plays Christpher Isherwood"][/caption]

It's great getting a first person perspective on the set for a big period production, especially since it's set over three different decades of the 20th Century. The crew are all incredibly professional, and my fellow extras are very disciplined, and are always entertaining to be with (which helps in a sixteen hour callout).

Obviously, my intention is to be in the main cast for productions like this, but every step is a positive one, and I look forward to this screening in the winter.

16 May 2010

Picture from Hope

A picture of me has been made available by Ben at his blog, dressed in full Orc make up.

[caption id="attachment_127" align="aligncenter" width="278" caption="Me as an Orc, in heavy make up"][/caption]

It is odd, as this is the first time I've seen myself in make up, there were no mirrors on location, and the display on the camera didn't really do the job justice.

There should be more available when the edit is finished, because it was the same person doing the photography as is editing, so I look forward to more shots, of my full costume.

14 May 2010

News: Hope is screening in Odeon

I just got news that Hope, the Lord of the Rings film I was involved in, will get a screening in Odeon cinema in Belfast. Dates and times are still to be announced, but this is an exciting announcement.

3 May 2010

Hope production wrapped

Today production wrapped on Hope, an ambitious Lord of the Ring fanfic project. I played two orcs, made possible by the incredibly impressive costumes, with realistic latex masks for the orcs.

The shooting took place in Belvoir Park, in Belfast, which turned out to be a perfect location, because of it's sheer vastness, despite being on the edge of the city.

The director is Benjamin Mudge, who wrote and produced the project, with Aisling Kelly, Chris McCann, Jonny Walker and other students from the Belfast Metropolitan College.

This is a project I'm genuinely excited about, and with highly enthusiastic Lord of the Rings across the world, this is sure to be a big success.

Production shots and clips to come soon.

1 Apr 2010

Finished shooting “Number 35″

Yesterday I completed shooting for a group of Queen's students on their family drama, tentatively titled, Number 35. It is based around a house, whose bequeathment is uncertain, due to the owner of the property passing away, without leaving a will.

I play Mike, the self-centred older brother, who wants to sell the house immediately, to reap the financial rewards - neglecting his younger brother who lives in the house with his family.

It was written by Shauna Mohan, directed by Cliodhna O'Halloran, and produced by Deborah McCartney. Other members of the group were Claire Corr (editor) and Declan Holmes (sound). The other actors were Steve Armstrong, who played my younger brother, John, and Emma Walls, who played his wife Sandra.

Production wraps today, and editing should be completed by May.

18 Mar 2010

My Career So Far: Part 3

Then I embarked on a Foundation Art course at University College for the Creative Arts, specifying in Moving Image and Photography, where I had the chance to meet some wierd and wonderful people, and make a few films.

I started off by making an complicated film about poker cheats. The brief was that the protagonists had to communicate without talking.
Next, we had to work individually on a project that had to be based on a piece of text. I chose 'In God We Trust', the words at the top of the US Dollar Bill. It was a montage of images of historical American controversies, such as the Vietnam war, the Iraq war, assassination of JFK.

In groups again, we were singled out to shoot a promotional corporate documentary for a Skills Fair. Among the guests present were Linda Barker (the Designer), Kim Wilde (The "Kids in America" singer, turned professional media gardener) and Craig Phillips (He won the first Big Brother, and now does DIY shows.) The project was used in the official capacity by the promoters to show to school kids.

Since then, I went to do a Law degree, at London South Bank University, so in order to maintain an interest in creative projects, I switched my focus from being behind the camera to being in front of it. However, this was largely a sabbatical in order to concentrate on studying.
I was a founder member of the univeristy's Shakespeare Society (with credit to Craig Legg and Jordan Lownds for starting it up, and the other members included Amy Tighe, James Long, Phillip Kerrigan, Sebastian Schweers, Rehan Malik, Sean Cowell Blake and Kerry Lambeth), performing in Macbeth as Banquo and then appeared in David Bull's and Robert Turner's graduation films.

After I graduated, I moved to Belfast, and immediately auditioned for the South Bank Players production of JM Synge's Playboy of the Western World, directed by Michelle Marken and played the role of Jimmy Farrell.

This weekend, I wrapped filming on a student project, "The Conversation," written and directed by Sinead McDonald, a tense study of a young man battling his inner conscience, based on true events. Editing is expected to be completed within the next few weeks.

15 Mar 2010

My Career So Far: Part 2

The first film I made was entitled 'Tea". It was a simple project I had wrote in a day, and filmed in an afternoon in my school Staff Room (CBS Omagh, for anyone interested). It was about four teens who were claiming to be Marxists, but underneath were really just spoiled brats. They couldn't even make a cup of tea together.
There was some proper complications during the shoot. Firstly, having obtained permission from the Principal, no less, to get the shoot done there, I couldn't get any peace for the shoot to actually happen - teachers kept showing up expecting to be able to 'relax'. Add to that the fact that one of my main actors was called to work at 5am that morning, so I was left stranded for about six hours. Well he flew to Lanzarote and back (he was a steward for Easyjet) to shoot for a few hours in the afternoon.
It took about three times longer than I expected to edit it, mostly because I didn't have a clue what I was doing for the first few days. With the aid of the extremely helpful Michael McDonald (I'll try to give him a plug at the BAFTA's or something - he is an underrated genius), I managed to get it done.
After some shameless self-promotion, I managed to get it mentioned on UTV, the regional television station, and in the local papers (Ulster Herald, Tyrone Constitution), and immediately sent it out to every festival that would accept DV films, and didn't have a submission fee. That ruled me out of most of the competitive ones, but I was just trying to get word out, and it probably wasn't slick enough for competition anyway.
I got word that it was going to be screened in Bradford, at the Co-operative Young Film-makers festival, and then also at the Imperial Beach film festival in San Diego, California.
I attended the festival in San Diego, and they were so impressed by the fact I travelled so far, they pushed my screening up the Bill. I ended up being the curtain raiser to the main event, a screening of The Boondock Saints (everyone should watch this film), with the director, Troy Duffy, and cast and crew.

13 Mar 2010

James McAnespy - My career so far

I started off my burgeoning career on the set of a professionally funded (by Intense Productions) short student film, 'Crashing the Wake,' (Official site IMDb and learned much of my trade there (particularly the art of just telling everyone what's going on, in order to create a buzz about something).