Finished shooting “Number 35″

Yesterday I completed shooting for a group of Queen's students on their family drama, tentatively titled, Number 35. It is based around a house, whose bequeathment is uncertain, due to the owner of the property passing away, without leaving a will.

I play Mike, the self-centred older brother, who wants to sell the house immediately, to reap the financial rewards - neglecting his younger brother who lives in the house with his family.

It was written by Shauna Mohan, directed by Cliodhna O'Halloran, and produced by Deborah McCartney. Other members of the group were Claire Corr (editor) and Declan Holmes (sound). The other actors were Steve Armstrong, who played my younger brother, John, and Emma Walls, who played his wife Sandra.

Production wraps today, and editing should be completed by May.