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Next up: I will be featuring in the short films Dark & Stormy and Belfast Caliber 9.

30 May 2010

Photos of Leopoldville reading released

The photos from the reading of Leopoldville have been released on the Accidental Theatre website.

[caption id="attachment_160" align="aligncenter" width="199" caption="From back to front: Cormac Brown, myself, Shaun Blaney (obscured), Ryan Crown, David Bell"][/caption]

For more pictures, see the Images section.

Photo shoot with Sinead McDonald

On Friday, I headed down to dublin to have a photoshoot with Sinead McDonald. I  have worked with Sinead before as an actor in her film, The Conversation, and was impressed with her knowledge of mise-en-scene, camera and lighting and her professional approach, all of which stemmed from her background as a professional photographer.

The results will be available in the next few weeks,  at which time I will be aggressively approaching my career path, by printing mail outs and business cards, and redesigning my website.

Rehearsal of Some Kind of Stranger

On Wednesday I attended a private reading of Some Kind of Stranger, a new play written by William Patterson. It is part of Accidental Theatre's VI series.

The play is set in 1980s Belfast, and is about young people's experience of liing away from home for the first time, and how they learn more about themselves, and each other under the spectre of class and sectarianism.

It is the second time I am taking part in this series, and I am looking forward to it, as the company is attracting the attention of influential people.

Extra on Christopher and His Kind

Today I had my second day on set on the Mammoth Productions TV film of Christopher Isherwood's memoir Christopher and his Kind. It is a BBC production, with a big budget, and Matt Smith (the new Doctor Who) as Isherwood, and is directed by Geoff Sax.

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="243" caption="Matt Smith plays Christpher Isherwood"][/caption]

It's great getting a first person perspective on the set for a big period production, especially since it's set over three different decades of the 20th Century. The crew are all incredibly professional, and my fellow extras are very disciplined, and are always entertaining to be with (which helps in a sixteen hour callout).

Obviously, my intention is to be in the main cast for productions like this, but every step is a positive one, and I look forward to this screening in the winter.

Entering Linen Hall Library short story competition

I have entered The Linen Hall Library Michael McLaverty Short Story Competition. It's a very encouraging competition, fostering an Irish literary tradition with a lucrative £2000 prize, and a publication.

My story was a comedy about some opportunistic young men in 1960s Ireland, who win a donkey in a bet, but have no way to transport it home.

The competition result is not announced for several months yet, but I feel confident about the story.