Father Ted Podcast S3E2 Chirpy Burpy Cheap Sheep

#MichaelKeane #EdinburghFringe #JamesMcAnespy #FatherTed 

Actor, writer and improv artist Michael Keane is at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, cowering from the menace of the Beast in this terrifying mystery episode. Ted's got in over his head, betting the entire heating allowance on Chris winning the King of the Sheep 1998, but Chris artistic temperament has been put askew by the howling of the beast. Everything is a bit askew as Mrs Doyle finally gets to use the sheep tea, Dougal takes up shoplifting and Jack temporarily feels the serenity of a leap y

We also delve into running the numbers at weddings, extreme artistic temperament, Yeats quotes and Tropical Birds in South East London. Fuckin' 'ell.