Episode 23 - Night of the Nearly Dead

Kiel Cathers, lead singer of folk rock behemoths The Logues wards off the huddled masses of Eoin McLove fans in this hilarious send up of Daniel O’Donnell. Mrs Doyle is besotted when she wins a competition to have her beloved TV host Eoin McLove visit her, but she's not the only one on the island who wants to meet him. Dougal thinks he's very cheeky, Ted doesn't approve of his poetry tastes and Jack waxes lyrical on the nature of fandom. 
Kiel Cathers (The Logues) and James McAnespy on Ecumenical Matters The Father Ted Podcast
Kiel Cathers (The Logues) on Ecumenical Matters - The Father Ted Podcast

We also talk about treacherous male bonding games such as Eyeball Chicken and Killerball, fainting Michael Jackson fans and false rumours about Pope John Paul II.

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