New Ireland TV

I am delighted to announce the impending arrival of a brand new TV station, broadcasting from right here in Tyrone!
From 2021, New Ireland TV will be available with all new original and licensed content, produced in Ireland, for a twenty first century audience. And best of all, it will be totally free to watch!
There’ll be comedy, sports, current affairs, and you! Yes, we want to involve the audience in our shows as much as possible. So if you’ve always wanted to confirm the details of your family tree, get in touch, because we’ll want to assist! Is there an incredible building in your area that you want more people to know about, show us! Or if your local club has a big game they want to be televised, let us know!
We’ll also be licensing original content from local suppliers so you will see some of the most gripping dramas, gas comedy and a huge variety of entertainment, factual and informative TV you will not see anywhere else on this island.
As well as all that, as the name suggests, we will be proactively and progressively campaigning for a new 32 county independent island nation, for the people of Ireland to live in, to grow in, to love in. We will add volume to causes we support and portraying all the benefits of being part of a universally beloved island nation, with a leading voice in the anglophone world, as well as an influential one within the European Union.
Initially New Ireland TV will be available worldwide on Roku and Android Fire TV devices, with a view to grow to Saorview and other major nationwide broadcasting platforms. It will be completely free to air, supported by advertising and viewer interaction on premium rate SMS.
So join us by finding New Ireland TV on your Roku or Android Fire TV and enjoy us showing you the best of you!

James McAnespy Founder, New Ireland TV