Rearranging my online geography - new links!

If you have been subscribed to this blog, you'll have noticed that Ecumenical Matters the Father Ted podcast is being up loaded to Youtube, but I am also uploading it to Spotify, on the old audio. 

Spotify has moved into the podcasting space very aggressively, and apparently with more success than the likes of Google so far. However, as I'm hosting with the very user friendly, I am able to distribute across all the major platforms pretty easily. So you'll now be able to find Ecumenical Matters on Apple PodcastsGoogle PodcastsSpotifyStitcherAmazon (including Alexa)BreakerOvercastRadio Public and will soon be available on TuneIn Radio.

If you've already heard all of Ecumenical Matters, then stayed tuned as coming soon I'll be joining the guys from Hang (punny, funny Irish T Shirts. Quality apparel, fast delivery) to do an Irish film review podcast! So keep an eye out for the chaotic Chatting Pictures Podcast.

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I'll also be updating my website soon, as I look to fire into 2021. It's a new moon, on the Samhain, so it'll be good omens everywhere. In the meantime, I'm back on Twitter with my usual mix of acerbic observations, random thoughts and automated scripts:

If you're on Instagram, be sure to follow me there for some awkward storytelling!


And I am active on Spotify, curating playlists and discovering new tunes, so find me on there and on if you're into your music like myself. 

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