Father Ted Podcast S3E3 - Speed 3

#FatherTed #PatMustard 

PAT MUSTARD! Comedians Victoria E Armstrong and David Doherty-Jebb commandeer a milk float in this seminal episode. Randy milkman Pat Mustard has been getting Mrs Doyle all hot and bothered, and Ted doesn't like it. He organises a sting operation and the fallout has Dougal in charge of the milk run. Unfortunately, Pat has left a little surprise on it if Dougal's speed goes below 4 mph. Jack adopts a new pet brick that comes in useful later on. 

We also talk about Francophones misunderstanding Touts Out graffiti in Belfast, the virtues and follies of Mrs Brown's Boys (The Greatest British sitcom of the 21st Century according to Radio Times readers), ageing ferrets and I officially respond to Graham Linehan's comments on Father Ted tribute shows. #JamesMcAnespy