Father Ted Podcast S2E5 A Song For Europe

#FatherTed #Eurovision #MartyDevine #JamesMcAnespy

Composer and musician Marty Devine serenades us through Craggy Island's melodious tribute to Eurovision. Ted and Dougal go through some creative differences, but emerge with the classic My Lovely Horse (well, the lyrics at least).

Jack's drinks cabinet has got a very expensive new addition and Mrs Doyle's brutally honest critiques would do well on the Judges panel of X Factor. We speak about the lasting impact of having a gay couple on TV not doing anything gay, try to translate Fred Rickwood's gibberish, contemplate World War 4: Celebrity Superfans and LSD Communion. Dick Byrne is at his conniving best, and we pay tribute to Caroline Ahearne, who had died earlier on the day we were recording. Marty takes us through some of his songwriting process (Don't play the f**king first note - the f**king first note is already f**king down!)