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24 Mar 2018

Interview: The Phoenix Remix on My Experiences as a Father Ted podcast host

I was recently interviewed by Holly Bartolo at the fantastic comedy blog The Phoenix Remix about my involvement in Ecumenical Matters - The Father Ted podcast.

It's heartening being approached for things like this, as it shows that I'm not just screaming in a void, and people are interested!

So – why did you create a Father Ted podcast?I had harboured ambitions to host a podcast for a while, but I couldn’t figure out what to make it about. Then someone mentioned Father Ted, my (and all of Ireland’s) favourite sitcom. It helped that I had an intriguing insight, because a) I was nicknamed Dougal at uni because I apparently I looked like Father Dougal, and b) that resemblance lead to me being cast in an unofficial Father Ted Tribute comedy show!
The full interview can be found over on the Phoenix Remix, so give it a read!

I've blogged about the podcast a few times as well, read more here and here.

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