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3 Apr 2011

Tribute to Constable Ronan Kerr

It was with initial shock, denial, disbelief then anger that I greeted the news of the deplorable murder of Ronan Kerr, a young man who I went to school with in the Christian Brothers in Omagh. While I hadn't spoke to him much since I left Omagh, it is with great fondness that I remembered him. He was always friendly and nobody would have ever said a bad word about him.
My thoughts are extended to his family and loved ones for their tragic loss, and to the people of Omagh, who have had so much stolen from them by these so called "freedom fighters".
He will be missed by all. Ronan Kerr RIP.

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  1. these sick bastards need to be rooted out of our society. this will only be achieved when the people who are shielding them realise that they or their loved one could be next on the list