Father Ted Podcast S2E7 Rock a Hula Ted

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Actress Lindsey Mitchell and prodigal son Vince (they all have lovely bottoms) are on the judging panel for The Lovely Girls. Ted's has the honour of picking the winner, who will have the honour of paying for dinner for him. Dougal has to house sit but fiery feminist rock star Niamh Connolly is in the property market. Jack takes up charity fraud, while Mrs Doyle shows her competency with power tools.

Todd Unctious (well, actor Gerard McSorley) has been up to no good again, and we discuss amateur stress testers, Sinead O'Connor and Delores O'Riordan's impact on the musical and cultural landscape, and Vince's on-stage escapades where he leaves his drum kit mid-set! Shoddy workmanship. Shoddy, shoddy workmanship.