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New Ireland TV Editorial :: Joint World Cup Bid? Really?

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There is a plan for a five-team bid for the 2030 World Cup. It's absolute bollocks. (For a start, are UEFA going to be happy that they lose a quarter of their qualifying spots?)


James McAnespy here, founder of New Ireland TV
It is the third of March
Last couple of weeks now in Beta testing. I don't really like setting dates because it sets expectations with the audience that I might not necessarily be able to match
The way things work, I can upload a video and it might not be at the audience's end for 36 to 72 hours
So when I set a specific date it can lead to disappointment
I did want address a few stories -- there's an awful lot going on at the minute that I haven't really addressed in these editorials
The first one is Scotland, now I did say that I was expecting the British media to start playing Ireland's interests against Scotland's
They will start pitting Scotland against Ireland's interests and we have to be aware of that. We have to spot it when we see it , we have to call it out when we see it
It's the only tactic they haveThey pretty much exhausted all their good reasons for staying in Britain in the 2014 referendum
there has been one example that somebody has pointed out to me in a Max Hastings article that I shared.
It's not actually the most egregious example that I've ever seen, so I'm not actually going to count that

and i actually thought he was quite friendly to Scotland but then as soon as I posted it a lot of Scots people came in and said that it was anti Scottish, which i didn't even pick up so maybe it is already working

But they haven't had to actually play us against Scotland yet because they're able to play Nichola Sturgeon versus Alex Salmond 

This is this is very very ugly at the moment and the English papers, particularly the Guardian and the Independent are fucking creaming themselves at the opportunity to derail Scottish independence 

Alex Salmond is totally within his rights to want to protect his reputation really. I remember when those accusations first came to light the first thing he was asking was 'who is it making these accusations, I can't defend myself if I don't know what the accusations are.' 

He has been exonerated on all charges and therefore he now is within his rights to try and make sure his reputation is now put back intact. So he is within his rights but Jesus Christ, Alex, could you not have waited six months until after the assembly elections and then you've got five years where you can get this out of the way in the first six months of the assembly. And then support a campaign for a free Scotland.

It seems to be directed to inflict the maximum amount of damage specifically to Nicola Sturgeon and by extension the Scottish independence movement.
I don't believe yet that he is trying to destabilize the independence movement deliberately but he is smart enough to know that his actions will certainly knock it off course, and sort of, break up the momentum that has been built over the last 10-12 years.

The problem was that this fucking witch hunt that went around -- and I use that word very very deliberately I know people don't like people using it in regards to the Me Too movement, but there was an element of witch hunting to it.
Witch hunting of course was when the imperialist mindset of the puritans in the east coast of the United States just decided that women were being a bit too uppity of themselves and because they defined them by the circumstances of their birth, they decided that they were guilty before due process.
A lot of that took place during the Me Too movement. I would of course clarify that Me Too was desperately, desperately needed and it was overall a good thing. But let's not kid ourselves here, there was an awful lot of piling in and kicking people when they were down and you know turning somebody being slightly uncomfortable into a sexual assault accusation.

I'm thinking specifically of the Aziz Anzari one where he invited a girl to his house, she went to his house after having tried to get a date with him for several weeks, he finally invited her around to his house and on several occasions tried to initiate physical relations. And she called him out in the MeToo movement, even though he didn't actually force himself upon her when she had refused. And there was a lot of that - there was a lot of self-righteous, you know, jumping on the bandwagon to get their complaint in. 

Yeah so now Alex Salmond is, sort of, becoming the counterweight to that, and as I said, if he had waited six months it would have been it would have been a much-needed purging of that mentality. But at the moment now it's just a circus show for the likes of the Guardian and the Independent and the imperialist newspapers in England and the BBC.

Just you know to gather the popcorn round and sling as much shit as they can, and you know, ignore the actual fact of the case and just present it  as "CRISIS IN THE SNP." "WILL THIS DERAIL SCOTTISH INDEPENDENCE?" 

As far as I can tell they haven't actually started moving against us yet because they haven't needed to. Because Alex Salmond, you know, passed them the ball in the six yard area and they're just gonna tap into an open goal in regards to that. 

But the other big thing I wanted to say, speaking of sports -- I did actually try to make a sports video but due to technical hitches I didn't actually get it released.
"Because one of the things that might prove to be quite a unexpected barrier to reuniting the country is actually sport and I'm specifically thinking of soccer. Soccer could actually turn out to be the big headache in all this." 
My proposition is that the Irish soccer should be moved back to Belfast and not Dublin because Dublin is too centralized for far too many things so it's about time we start taking things out of Dublin.
Number two: the FAI have been absolutely disgraceful at the executive level and they can't even get themselves a sponsor at the moment, and i'm still not sure they have a chief executive.
The Irish FA have been actively trying to be more inclusive, to their fan base at least. They are actively promoting women's soccer.

I do think there's a much more concentrated base of soccer fans in and around Belfast than there is in pretty much any other part of the island, so for those reasons i would propose putting the -- and also, sorry, the seat on IFAB, the soccer world soccer rule-making body is a very powerful position to have, and it'd be very stupid to give it up it, was basically my premise.

So yesterday, to a lot of celebration, a five nation bed for the 2030 World Cup. That's where England, Scotland, Wales, Northern and Republic of Ireland bid to host the World Cup in 2030. 

This is a terrible idea. On the face of it, it seems like a great idea 'Yay! Everyone gets to be able just to be friends across two islands!' It's really not, it's a very bold and surreptitious attempt to further clarify the division between the north and the south.

There is no absolutely no need, absolutely no need at all for the English FA to need a joint bid with anyone to host the World Cup - the English FA could host the World Cup tomorrow. They've got the infrastructure, they've got the stadia -i well, maybe not tomorrow because of Covid -- they've got the infrastructure, they've got stadia, they've got the road networks, they've got the transport links and could host the World Cup on its own. 

And it should have hosted the 2018 World Cup - the one that went to Russia -- remember Russia? That's the place that has concentration camps for gays? tThe place that shoots down civilian airplanes? The places that poisons people onUK soil? The place that tried to poison Alex Navalny, and as soon as he got back in they put him in prison? Yeah, that Russia. Remember that place that should never been given a World Cup? That should have went to England if it was based on, you know, rationale and, you know, good governance etc. That would have went to England, so no, I do not support this 2030 bid.

Number two; when the referendum comes around, if a world cup is on the horizon it will be a very nice way to promote the individuality of Northern Ireland -- it's a false way to promote that by the way. 

Number three: where the fuck are they going to host these matches? Where the fuck in belfast is going to host a World Cup match? Where in Dublin, apart from the Aviva, is going to host a World Cup match? I don't expect Croke Park to be handing over money to FIFA, who will not pay tax in Ireland when the World Cup happens; who will not have any expenditure in Ireland when the World Cup happens.

But there's nowhere - there is no stadium in the six counties of Ireland -- the six counties of Northern Ireland that can host a fucking World Cup match. It's not a fucking starter, like.
Windsor Park is not big enough, it is not connected well enough. It's just not up to fucking code basically, it's fucking useless.

This is a whole fucking dressage exercise in trying to establish the identity and authenticity of a six county Northern Ireland and a 26 county Republic of Ireland. 

And my final point, by the way. As I said I'm not even sure there's a friggin chief executive in the fai so who the fuck has been speaking on their behalf in order to make this decision? And why have they jumped on board to host the FIFA World Cup with their three -- sorry their four -- closest rival football associations? And they can't even fucking organize a sponsor for themselves. 

The whole fucking thing is a sham, it's not a real bid, and if it is it's going to fucking fail, and if it wins, it will have won through corruption and backhanders, which FIFA is so well known for. The football landscape will have changed so dramatically by 2030 i fully expect a European Super League to be fully established by that point. 

It's a complete non-starter. Everyone is a bit excited and i want to reassure everyone to not get excited.

Ireland has tried to host a Rugby World Cup, which is a much, much smaller tournament -- it doesn't require stadiums anywhere near as large -- and the Rugby World Cup decision making body said that these stadiums weren't good enough, the transport links to the stadiums weren't good enough, and the parking at the stadiums wasn't good enough. The stadiums in other words were not good enough! And this was with the GAA stadiums. These stadiums that can hold, you know, 25, 35, 45,000 --  except quite a lot of them have standing room, which is of course not viable for a World Cup stadium. 
It's a splash in the pan idea - I didn't actually think it would get as much attention as it did, I was actually going to save this for the weekend, but because it did get a bit of a boost on the likes of et cetera, I did feel like I had to address it.

And the other thing is; what the fuck do you want World Cup for? Okay yes, a lot of tourists will come in hopefully, but you know will there be travel restrictions still in place by then because of vaccine passports? 

What if one of the African countries, or South American countries, are still dealing with waves of pandemic? You know, is it going to be a World Cup, or is it going to be, you know, just a nice wee party for a few top European players in a different jersey?

FIFA notoriously put in their bidding process that they will not pay any tax at all, so the whole thing -- from a civic point of view -- the whole thing is a loss-making exercise. Any tourists that come in, you know, is there the tourism infrastructure to deal with that huge amount? You're talking about a million people, perhaps, descending upon the nation, you know. It puts a lot of stress on. you know. leisure resources and just regular resources. 

In the South Africa World Cup, FIFA set up courts and that were completely extra judicial from the South African legal system -- and by the way these fucking pop-up court systems that have been in vogue since around the 2004 London riots, where basically the courts can convene and a police officer can just say 'this boy was there, fucking send them down' -- that is the entire due process in these courts. All the police officer has to do is identify that somebody was present and they get a custodial sentence. That is not an administration of justice, by the way, that is a travesty of despottery and it's happened about six or seven times in the last 10-12 years.

So yeah I just wanted to dump on everyone's expectations about what the what a five nation bid for the World Cup really means. It's not it's not going to mean that Sergio Ramos and Neymar and Messi and Ronaldo and Gareth Bale are going to be, you know, hopping up and down Windsor Park. What it's going to mean, it's just a costume exercise. Stay tuned in to New Ireland TV, where we will continue to dampen your spirits

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New Ireland TV is available FREE worldwide on Roku and Amazon Fire TV stick. No additional signup required, simply download from the channel store and enjoy!