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Scotland Referendum // New Ireland TV Editorial - January 25th 2021

Hello, James McAnespy here, founder of New Ireland TV. it is the 24th of January today

Well, the big news today is that Scotland  - specifically Nicola Sturgeon - has declared that if the SNP should win the May assembly elections she will go ahead and run a referendum with or without the permission of Whitehall.

We discuss this quite extensively in the Michael Collins episode of Chatting Pictures Podcast

“…They’ll get to an impasse where Boris will not let them have a referendum. So at that point what is their options? To hold their own illegitimate in-house referendum? Or just to totally, as a parliament, start ignoring and refusing the British Empire…”

I posited that, sooner or later, Boris Johnson is going to have to be faced with the situation where he will have to put handcuffs onto Nicola Sturgeon if she keeps going this way

At what point will we get to that? Will Nicola Sturgeon spend the night in a prison cell before the UK forces of security start bashing heads?

That's the position that we're going to find ourselves in within the next two or three years. Now we are definitely on a path that is unprecedented really, in the amount of changes we are going to see.

Pretty much this has been on the pipeline since Brexit. As soon as Brexit was an issue this was always going to be a possibility. I didn't actually think we'd get this far down the road so quickly, but such is the incompetence of the supporters of the United Kingdom as an entity, that they kept shooting themselves in the foot at every chance they had to bolster Northern Ireland, and Scotland's relationship to Westminster, for example, when they sabotaged and torpedoed Theresa May's Brexit deal, which actually would have been the best of all worlds and we would be, you know, two or three years into a Brexit that would have been probably forgotten about by this point. If it had actually passed Theresa May's deal

But here we are now. Gordon Brown has weighed in - he seems to have a lot of affiliation for the entity of the United Kingdom — to be fair he was a Prime Minister of it for a very brief moment, do you remember that? — but he has been retired for 10 years now and yet he seems to be the only person that the London media can get to speak persuasively from Scotland on the Scottish issue.

Ruth Davidson would have been obvious candidate, but she no longer wants to be seen to be a representative Boris Johnson to her credit, and i'm sure she was going on ahead with her life etc

But now the chess pieces have been shifted dramatically, and it happened in the days before Christmas - nobody else noticed this but i'm pretty sure in the days before Christmas, in locked rooms in Whitehall, there was an arrangement made where Northern Ireland would basically be cut off in order that Scotland would remain with Britain.

I'm pretty sure now there's going to be a very intensive divide and conquer campaign waged by the Imperialists, that we need to be very wary of. They will start petting Scotland against Ireland's interests and we have to be aware of that. We have to spot it when we see it we have to call it out when we see it.

And not only that we have to actually manipulate it to our own benefit because they will try this - it’s the only tactic they have. They pretty much exhausted all their good reasons for staying in Britain in the 2014 referendum, and the best one was that Scotland would remain in the EU, which obviously is no longer the case.

So we need to now put a support behind the Scottish independence referendum bid as well as our own, because what I foresee the plan being from the Imperial side is that they'll be happy to cut the raft of Northern Ireland off in order that they keep Scotland.

So just be aware of that, call that out when you see it, I certainly will. And keep tuned to New Ireland TV. A new TV station for a new Ireland.